Company Policies

  1. WWBTC works as an independent contractor for the Client.   WWBTC is not considered an employee of the Client.  The Client will send WWBTC a 1099 at the end of the year.  No other reporting requirements from the Client are required.
  2. WWBTC sends a bill to the Client at the beginning of each month for any task completed during the previous month.  Unless otherwise agreed, payment is Net 15 upon receipt of the invoice.
  3. Accounts with invoices 60 days and older will be temporarily locked until paid in full or a payment plan is agreed upon with the billing department. No services will be offered to these accounts until they are unlocked.
  4. Accounts with invoices 180 days and older will be deactivated. Any account with web hosting must have their hosting moved within 30 days of deactivation or the site will be deleted. Accounts may be reactivated only upon payment in full and a monthly retainer setup with the billing department. Accounts reestablished after being deactivated will be treated as a new Client and subject to the new Client rate.
  5. Hardware purchased through Wendell Wilson Consulting may require prepayment; this is at the discretion of the billing department. Any hardware provided by Wendell Wilson Consulting is considered property of Wendell Wilson Consulting until it has been paid for in full.
  6. Accounts must be paid in full unless a payment plan has been approved with our billing department.
  7. The Client may terminate WWBTC services by giving 30-day notice by email to  WWBTC will complete any pre-paid tasks and will set up an end date for any subscriptions. WWBTC will provide the client with an Exit Packet, detailing any particular notes that may be necessary for future contractors of the client. 
  8. WWBTC, employees, agents, sub-contractors, are under a duty not to disclose information, however insignificant, about the Client or its work, trade secrets, and confidential information   to any third party. 
  9. Client shall not solicit any employees, sub-contractors or agents from WWBTC for employment of any kind with Client, which shall include, but shall not be limited to, performing work as an independent contractor for Client, without the express written permission from WWBTC.  Client acknowledges that any breach of this paragraph will cause great and irreparable harm to WWBTC and that the harm could not, in many instances, be adequately or reasonably quantified in terms of monetary damages. Accordingly, Client agrees that WWBTC shall have the right to obtain temporary and permanent injunctive relief against Client prohibiting any further breach of this paragraph, in addition to whatever other rights WWBTC may have, upon the occurrence of a breach by Client.
  10. LIMITATION OF DAMAGES:  WWBTC and the Client agree that the damages from a breach of this agreement are limited to the amount of the fee paid by the Client. If a disagreement occurs sufficient to require a revocation of this agreement, WWBTC will claim no more that the amount of the fee due from the Client and the Client will claim no more than the amount of the fee paid. Both WWBTC and the Client agree that a higher fee was not placed in this agreement in exchange for an agreement that neither party would be responsible for the other’s consequential damages.  Both parties agree to submit any irreconcilable conflict first to a mediator, agreeable to both parties, to avoid the time and expense of litigation.