Our Industries


We've worked in a variety of fields with a variety of professionals. Let our experience work for you!

Medical & Education

We have specialized knowledge in both the medical and educational fields. We've worked with both private and public entities to produce great results. Contact us for more information on how to get started.

Commerce & Retail

At WWC, we're no strangers to creating commerce solutions for our clients. We understand what needs to be done to make sure your commerce site is easy to use, and more importantly, secure from cyber attacks. Put your online store in our hands, and see your profits grow.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Experiences in the service industry, and our role as consultants, mean that we have a wide range of experience in different scenarios that we can apply to your unique situation. Every business is different and we have a number of technology solutions for professional service corporations that we can tailor to your specific needs.


We are experienced with a number of packages associated with firm & case management, time & billing: PC Law, Time Matters, Westlaw, Time Slips, BestCase, Needles and more. We are experienced with helping law offices go paperless and we have several specialized services for law offices . Our exposure to software for the legal profession has enabled us to branch out into forensic analysis and data recovery. We have a number of successful projects that revolved around data recovery for the purposes of evidence collection, document production for litigation and data reconstruction to look for evidence of wrongdoing in computer files.


We engage a number of CPAs from several states to help them with their technology. Recent changes in workflow software mean that going paperless, and going to the cloud, is easier than ever. We can ensure all your records are safe and secure.